Jalena Mays

Director, Friendship Circle




Jalena was born in Santa Rosa.  Her parents are Jules and Janine, and her elder brother is Jerzy.  The entire family has been active in the Jewish Community of Sonoma County for many years.  Jalena and Jerzy attended Hebrew School and were members of Jewish youth groups in Sonoma County.  Jalena has worked and volunteered in the Jewish community her whole life in addition to singing in the synagogue choir and attending Jewish summer camp.  Jalena loves to sing with close friends and dance the night away.  She has been a certified yoga instructor since 2004, is fluent in Spanish, graduated Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, and greatly values health and nutrition.  Jalena also has a deep appreciation for Jewish culture and practice, and travels as a way to explore Jewish tradition around the world.  She is passionate about improving the health, well being, and cultural life of older adults within our community.