Welcome to the 23rd JCC Sonoma County Jewish Film Festival

Individual tickets on sale September 11th


Dear community,

We have a great selection of films for you. Some are in English, some are in a foreign language. Some are funny, some are serious. We have a filmmaker coming to meet you, and a panel discussion after one of the other films. 
It looks like you are as excited as we are about the program. How do we know? All evening shows are SOLD OUT!  
There are still some tickets available for all the matinées. A limited number of evening tickets will be available on the day of the show at the Rialto Cinemas box office
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All screenings at
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Note change in showtimes: Evening shows begin at 7:00 pm this year! Feel free to come to the Rialto to have lunch/dinner before the show. They have some really yummy food on their menu.

Doron Hovav,
Program Director
Jewish Film Festival 



 The Last Suit

Tuesday, October 9, 1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

Some people are their own worst enemy, but with determination, sincerity, and charm, they can still achieve their goals. Such is Abraham, an 88-year-old tailor, a Holocaust survivor, who sets out on a quest to fulfill a promise he had made at the end of the war. He is difficult to like, but impossible not to love. He clashes with everyone whose help he needs, but seems to be mysteriously blessed, as they help him along the way, revealing the best in humanity in a way that makes this bittersweet road movie uplifting and life-affirming. Winner of 3 audience awards.

Drama, Spain/Argentina, 89 min. Spanish with English subtitles

Underwritten by Alan Hyman



Ellen Blustein and Doron Hovav went on Sonoma Spotlight on KRCB North Bay Public Media for a 5 minute spot about "The Last Suit". Take 5 minutes and listen now, or click the three dots to download for later.




 Keep the Change

Tuesday, October 16, 1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

David and Sarah meet in a support group at the JCC in Manhattan. Sarah’s energy, enthusiasm and persistence conflict with David’s New York cynicism and negativity. Keep the Change, an interesting twist on the romantic-comedy formula, brings us the story of two adults with autism, played by actors with autism, giving us a rare look into an under-represented community. Thoroughly charming and quite funny, the film’s warmth and candor bring growth and transformation to the characters, and ultimately, to us. Winner of two awards at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Following the evening show there will be a panel discussion on living with autism.

Comic Drama, USA, 2018, 93 min. English

Underwritten by JCC Board Members Gale Kissin and Lynne Belmont, and their respective spouses Jo Ann Smith and Gordon Fox




 Let Yourself Go

Tuesday, October 23, 1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

Elia is a Jewish psychoanalyst from a purely Freudian school of thought, who has a reputation for immediately generating awe in his patients. His apartment is on the same floor as his ex-wife’s, with whom he has unresolved issues. When after a small medical fright his doctor prescribes some physical activity, he chances upon Claudia, a zesty young personal trainer, who is a single mother with a complicated past. She is Elia’s diametrical opposite. Will Elia get a new lease on life? Claudia’s criminal ex-boyfriend might spark just that. Winner of the Italian Golden Globe for Best Comedy.

Comedy, Italy, 2017, 112 min. Italian with English subtitles

Underwritten by Berni Wergeles Baxter


 Who Will Write Our History

Tuesday, October 30, 1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

In 1940, a secret Jewish group called Oyneg Shabes was formed in Warsaw, driven by the question “Will the Germans write our history, or will we?” They decided to document life in the Ghetto, risking their lives daily. This moving tribute mixes the most important surviving in-the-moment archives with new interviews, rarely seen footage, and stunning dramatizations to transport us inside the Warsaw Ghetto. It tells the story of the ingenuity and courage, optimism and persistence of the group’s heroes, and their fight to defeat Nazi lies and propaganda with the ultimate weapon – the truth.

Q&A with the film’s director Roberta Grossman will follow both screenings.

Documentary, USA, 2018, 95 min. English/Yiddish/Polish with English Subtitles

Underwritten by Sandy Smith and Jerry Terhune 




Ellen Blustein and Doron Hovav went on Sonoma Spotlight on KRCB North Bay Public Media for a 5 minute spot about "Who Will Write Our History".
Take 5 minutes and listen now, or click the three dots to download for later.




Tuesday, November 13, 1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

Two women - a Mossad agent and a Lebanese informant - find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of deception, paranoia and intrigue, in this Israeli espionage thriller. The two are stuck together in a safe house in Germany while terrorists are looking to kill them. Despite their very different backgrounds, an unlikely relationship develops between them, which is soon threatened by the terror engulfing their separate worlds. In this game of deception, beliefs are questioned and loyalties are tested as their fates take surprising turns in this suspense-laden, elegant, neo-noir film. Nominated for 2 Ophir awards.

Drama Thriller, Israel/Germany, 2017, 93 min. English/Hebrew/German with English Subtitles

Underwritten by Marlene and Martin Stein



 Sammy Davis Jr.: I’ve Gotta Be Me

Tuesday, November 27, 1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.

Sammy Davis Jr. tap danced through life on a knife edge, trying to balance personal ideals versus cultural and societal pressures. He was Black, Jewish and mainstream; he was gifted, controversial and iconic. “I’ve Gotta Be Me” brings clips from his extraordinary performances, never-before-seen photographs from his private collection, and new interviews with friends and contemporaries – Billy Crystal, Jerry Lewis, Whoopi Goldberg, and others – to explore the life and art of this multi-faceted and complex entertainer. Winner of 7 audience awards for best Documentary.

Documentary, USA, 2018, 100 min. English

Underwritten by Gordon Zlot of KJZY, KZST, KWVF, KBBL Radio



Ellen Blustein and Doron Hovav went on Sonoma Spotlight on KRCB North Bay Public Media for a 5 minute spot about "Sammy Davis Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me". Take 5 minutes and listen now, or click the three dots to download for later.






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