Parent Education

Nature vs. Nurture - but, what about everything else?

Taught by Rick Concoff MA, Teen and Parent Coach
Date: Monday, February 11, 2019, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Congregation Beth Ami, 4676 Mayette Ave. Santa Rosa

We have been taught to blame psychological and behavioral challenges on parents (nurture) and genetics (nature). But, there are more questions to ask and answer

  • Are we born essentially good, bad or neutral?
  • Do you often explain and excuse your children’s bad behaviors as“bad” genetics?
  • Do you and others explain and blame children’s bad behavior on “bad” parenting?
  • What "other factors" impact behavior in addition to genetics and nurturing?
  • How can we impact our children’s healthy development by working with those "other factors"?
  • Can we work with and rise above our genetic tendencies?
  • Can humans overcome the mistakes their parents make in raising them?
  • Where does the existence of “soul” and the concept of “destiny” come into the discussion?

We cannot simply attribute actions, temperament, talents, skills, tastes, intelligence, appearance, and characteristics to just “nature or nurture”. We must consider "everything else”, this includes the experiences, observations, people, and life lessons that impact our children. We also cannot dismiss fate, chance, luck, destiny, coincidence, circumstance, chaos and serendipity.

Bring your questions & thoughts on the debate!

Kindly RSVP to (707) 528-4222. Class is free. Your donations support the JCC's Chaverim Teen Program


"Rick (Instructor, Rick Concoff) was fantastic! He uses stories from his own experience to emphasize his parenting advice and ideas. I came home with so many good nuggets to share with my husband. Most importantly, what I took away from the class was the notion that I need to finesse and be creative in tough moments with my kids. It changed everything! The next morning, in the middle of nagging my 5-year-old to get dressed, I changed the dynamic and made it into a game. I surprised myself, and was pleased to have such a positive outcome." 
~Parent from Positive Parenting in a Complex World (Spring 2011)