Our Supporters

Thank you to all of you who have donated since the COVID Shelter in Place. You have made a BIG DIFFERENCE. Thank you.

Yvette Adida  
Nancy Aita  
Howard Balfour  
Janine Bamberger  
Shelley Bauer - In memory of Mina Leibowitz. In appreciation of Friendship Circle
Jody Berman  
Julian Blair  
Ellen Blustein - In memory of Howard Moss
Caroline Boitano  
Dan & Linda Bornstein - In honor of Rick Concoff to applaud you for instilling morals and humanity within the teens of our community.
Davida Brautman  
Anne Brown  
John Bryant - In memory of Howard Moss
Rick Burg & Deborah Burg-Schnirman - In memory of Howard Moss
Karen Chambliss-Abraham - In memory of Julia Chambliss' 78th birthday gift to her Memory.
Jennifer Cook  
Rozalia Dague  
Gail Dubinsky  
Michael & Shelley Egger  
Sharon Eisley  
Elaine Elkin  
Louise Feinberg  
Frieda Ferrick  
Julie Flieger  
Sherree Fogel  
Ceseli Foster  
Ann Fox  
Lilyan Frank - In honor of Rick Burg, Eli & Josh Burg
Gordon Freedman  
Toby French  
Nanette Garner  
Sara Geber  
Anne Gilbert  
Binese Goldberg - In memory of Irwin Miller. In appreciation for Friendship Circle for the Monday programs
Michal Goldstein - In honor of Irène Sharon Hodes - quite literally one of the brightest people I've ever met and that you will have the chance to work with.
Amy Gottlieb  
Phyllis Greene  
Deborah Greenfield  
Myra Grist  
Caral Grushkin  
Evelyn Gurevitch  
Randy Hagen  
John Hart  
Amy Hoover - In honor of my parents in Florida
Evelyn Howard  
Barbara Insel  
Pamela Jacobs  
Ross Jones - In honor of 
Rick Concoff


Victoria Kalish - In memory of Judy Lovy
Ray Kaplan - In memory of 
Irwin Miller
Joshua Katz and Jennifer Iscol In memory of Howard Moss
Susan Katzman  
Carolyn Kaufman - In memory of Patricia T. Kaufman
Elinor King
Gale Kissin - 
In memory Of Howard Moss
Felicia Knaul  
Gloria Kosbie  
Peter Krohn  
Michael Kupperberg  
Valeska Lattin  
Helen Levy - In honor of my grandaughter, Leah Hunt
Gerry Lipton  
Margaret Maddock - In memory Of L. Stephen Turer
Carrie Marvin  
Linda McKenzie  
Susan Miller - In memory of my husband Gerald Lakins
Judith Moorman  
Adrea Moss - In honor of daughter, Dr. Carina Moss
Heather Muir & Bloom Family In honor of Rick Concoff's Virtual Chaverim Teen Program during this challenging time.
Lonna Necker  
Jennifer Oryn  
Tamis Renteria  
Robin Reynolds  
Michelle Rosengaus  
Justin Rosenthal - In honor of Rick Concoff
Larry Scharf  
Jacques Schlumberger  
Sharon Schwartz  
Ethel Schy  
Desmond Shapiro  
Jeffrey Sheff  
Lillian Shelan  
Ann Sheppard  
Sandy Sidorsky  
Lorie Silver  
James and Ethel Snarski
Barbara Snyder 
Marge Solomon
Nancy Solomon 
Edee Sternfield-Squires 
In honor of Randi Hulce
Janine Sternlieb & Spencer  
In honor of Rick Concoff
Joan Tabb  
Barbara Tobin  
Linda Trent  
Sonia Tubridy  
Elisabeth Van Nuys - In honor of Jalena Mays and Carol King
Nancy Vargo  
Theo Vermont  
Arlene Wasserman  
Jane Waxman  
Marilyn Wolf & David Root - In memory of Howard Moss
Jill Zechowy