Ashland 2017

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 
Monday, Oct. 23 – Friday, Oct. 27 (5 Days/4 Nights!)  
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Enjoy Great Seats for these Plays 

Julius Caesar  
Too much power in one man’s hands

Julius Caesar is a marked man. Adoring commoners celebrate his battlefield victories, but those higher up the Roman political ladder worry that his ambition has grown too large. On a stormy night full of alarming sights and ominous portents, Cassius persuades Caesar’s friend Brutus to help him with a momentous task: assassinate Caesar for the good of the Republic. But death doesn’t stop Caesar, whose spirit haunts the destinies of his friends and enemies, threatening the republican ideal for which they murdered him. Shakespeare’s political thriller explores powerbrokers’ strategies—honorable and not—and their unexpected, violent consequences.

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Henry IV, Part One
Between a rock and a wild place

Prince Hal is biding his time. His father, Henry IV, wants to tutor him in the cruel art of ruling the realm, but Hal would rather study the bottom of a beer stein in a seedy tavern, surrounded by his carousing friends. His gang’s charismatic leader, Falstaff—larger than life, debauched and allergic to all authority—has been more of a teacher than Hal’s father ever was. Then, when a young rival threatens the kingdom, it’s time for Hal to step up and take on the family troubles. But how does a reckless son become a true prince? 

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An American master’s poetry comes to life

This high-energy, multimedia, music-filled theatrical experience explores the poetry of master playwright August Wilson in a one-of-a-kind production by UNIVERSES, one of the nation’s leading ensembles. Granted access to Wilson’s poetry catalogue, UNIVERSES blends it into a mythically modern story of a dying poet who leaves a mysterious box to his apprentice…with strict instructions to destroy it. Curious, the apprentice opens it, releasing terrors that tormented the master through his life. This world premiere fuses poetry, theatre, dance, and music to explore the reconstruction of collective memory, bringing Wilson’s words to a new century and a new generation.

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Shakespeare in Love
A man and his muse

Poor Will is stuck. He’s overdue with his new play—a half-baked mess called Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter—and he’s having a colossal case of writer’s block. His patrons want a comedy, but he hungers for something more . . . more . . . well, even he can’t come up with the word. Then he meets Viola, a smart beauty who loves his work and ignites his creative flame. But Viola has a secret, and Romeo is turning out to be anything but a laugh fest. Christopher Liam Moore directs this adaptation of the Academy Award–winning screenplay, a witty, romantic feast with music.

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Off the Rails

A sin to save a brother’s life

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is in town holding auditions, and the regulars at the Stewed Prunes Saloon are hoping for a shot at stardom. But plans change when Momaday, a Pawnee teenager, is sentenced to hang for his forbidden love affair with an Irish-American girl. Captain Angelo, the presiding officer, won’t budge . . . until he lays eyes on Momaday’s sister, Isabel. This irreverent, subversive adaptation of Measure for Measure—described as “Blazing Saddles meets Shakespeare” and OSF’s first play by a Native American writer—uses healthy doses of humor and music to illuminate the painful legacy of Indian boarding schools in the American West.

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Henry IV, Part Two (Optional)

Armies at the gate

King Henry IV is not long for this world. And neither is his kingdom, swirling with conspiracies and threatened by armies advancing on two borders. Henry’s son, Prince Hal, still doesn’t seem up to the task of becoming king. And Hal’s friend, the notorious Falstaff, looks forward to unleashing his own brand of anarchy when the old king dies and Hal assumes the throne. Shakespeare’s tale of damaged friendships and hard choices, bridging the gap between the youthful abandon of Henry IV, Part One and the war-tempered Henry V, illuminates the making of a most unlikely monarch.

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 Hightlights of this Trip:

   • Four Nights at The Plaza Inn & Suites
   • Five Plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival plus an
      Optional Play (for an additional cost)
   • Five Pre-Show Lectures
   • Guided Backstage Tour OR Southern Oregon
      University Art Museum
   • Day Trip to Jacksonville & Visit Harry & David in Medford
   • Welcome to Ashland Group Dinner
   • Private Theatre Production Discussion
   • Round-Trip by Private Coach from Marin
   • Ashland Transfers Before & After Each Play
      to/from the Hotel
   • Farewell Toast
   • Optional Group Dinner...and MORE! 


$1,495 FC Member
$1645 Public
$425 Single Supplement

This trip will be led by leaders from JCC SOCO, JCCSF, & Osher Marin

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For More Info Contact: Carol King, (707) 528-1182

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This is a joint program of the JCCSF, Osher Marin JCC and the Friendship Circle of the Jewish Community Center, Sonoma County.