Wildfire Video History Project

Sharing Our Stories of Wildfire Loss - Healing Through Storytelling

Actual interviews of our community members in 2017-2018.
Thank you for participating. 

This shorter video deals with the topic of emergency preparedness through interviews. 
This video was created for the Jewish Community Federation by Listening for a Change

The Jewish Community Center Sonoma County, in collaboration with Listening for a Change and support from the Jewish Community Federation, recorded the personal stories of Jewish community members' fire-related experiences during the 2017 October Wildfire Storm. This is a videotaped oral history project as an archive and learning tool for our community and future generations. 

Jewish people of Sonoma County who lost their homes, businesses or had other fire related experiences, who wished to share their stories, are shown here. 

If you would like a copy of your interview, bring a usb stick (memory drive) with your name on it to the JCC office. There will be a processing time necessary before you get your copy. 

If you are a congregation and would like copies of the interviews of your members, please bring a usb stick and the names of the interviewees to the JCC office. 

Call the JCC 707-528-4222 to make sure the office is open.