Oma and Bella

Dinner and a Movie - click for tickets

  • Single Movie Tickets: $15 per person
  • Movie Ticket and Dinner: $54 per person (includes tax and gratuity)
  • Cookbook: $25 

Oma and Bella Thursday, November 6, 7:30 p.m. click for trailer

Do you remember your grandmother cooking Jewish food while wearing a house dress?  When you watch this film, it’s like seeing her all over again. Oma & Bella is an intimate glimpse into the world of Regina (Oma) and Bella, two friends who, in later life, wind up living together in Berlin.  It is through the food they cook together that they remember their childhoods and nurture their extended families.As the film follows them through their daily lives, a portrait emerges of two women, much loved, with a sense of humor, vivid stories, and a deep fondness for good food. The film captures their ongoing struggle to retain a part of their past while remaining very much engaged in the present.

Documentary, Germany, 75 minutes, German, Yiddish and English with English subtitles. Presented by Marlene and Martin Stein. Take-5 Artist Suzanne Edminster.

Don’t go to the film hungry - dinner at Sonoma Wine Shop and La Bodega in Sebastopol 

Join us before the film at the Sonoma Wine Shop and La Bodega, 2295 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol, for a special traditional Jewish dinner based on recipes from the beautiful companion cookbook “Oma & Bella”. Our friends at Sonoma Wine shop have generously donated their profits to make this scrumptious meal possible. The price of dinner includes tax and tip. Wine by the glass is additional Seating is limited to the first 50 people. The filmmaker, cookbook author and Oma’s granddaughter, Alexa Karolinska, will join us at the restaurant and the theater for questions and stories. Her autographed cookbooks will be available for purchase.

The Oma and Bella Cookbook

The Oma & Bella Cookbook is a collection of recipes from Eastern Europe, as told to Alexa Karolinski by her grandmother Regina (Oma) and her best friend Bella.  Oma and Bella's recipes, classics of Jewish cuisine, come from decades of them recreating -- from memory -- the tastes of their childhoods the war. To bring this vivid and personal cookbook into being, Alexa cooked with Oma and Bella in their kitchen, translating "handfuls" into half cups, "pinches" into teaspoons, and "platefuls" into servings.   Color illustrations by the artist Joana Avillez are interspersed throughout the cookbook. The book also includes color photographs of the two ladies by Bella Lieberberg.  Each book includes both German and English texts.