YiddishLand: The Concert

Date: November 15, 2014Location: Congregation Ner Shalom
Contact: Gesher Calmenson



Welcome to  YiddishLand, The First Annual Sonoma County Yiddish Cultural Festival. 

For most American Jews our lineage has been passed to us through parents and grandparents who’s lives were shaped by 1,000 years of Yiddish culture.   Yiddish-ness is the wellspring of our identities.  Join with as we celebrate and revitalize this deeply-feeling, funny, rich, expressive, musical, literate heritage.  

Plan to enjoy YiddishLand: The Concert  on Saturday evening, November 15.  

Participate in YiddishLand: The Culture  on Sunday afternoon, November 16, featuring activities for adults and children that transmit the depth, joy, humor, and accomplishments of Yiddish life.

The first annual county-wide festival will be held at Congregation Ner Shalom in Cotati.  Come spend time with your true heritage and help bring it to new life.  Watch for details.