Sponsorship Opportunities

 Support the 2019-2020 Jewish and Israeli Film Festivals


Now is the time to invest in the culture you hold dear - become a sponsor of the JCC Film Festivals. Sponsorships begin at just $200!

The JCC Jewish Film Festival is a true community event. In the past couple of years, it allowed us to come together after big events, process, and have meaningful conversations. The fact that many screenings sold out before last year’s festival even began shows there is craving for this kind of culture in our community.

If you believe, as we do, that films are not only great fun but also have the power to challenge us and inspire positive change, then here is your opportunity to invest in this important cause.  Your support will bring high-quality films right here to our local community. Films that entertain, enrich, connect, and help us learn from the past and reimagine the future. Please consider continuing your commitment to our great festival!

Your generosity is the only reason the JCC can continue to present Sonoma County with the best international Jewish films for the 24th year.  Sponsorships start at $200 and give you not only the satisfaction of helping create the festival but provide advertising opportunities and season tickets to watch all the films.

Save the dates! 

October 2019: Thu 10/10, Thu 10/17, Wed 10/23, Tue 10/29
November 2019: Tue 11/5, Tue 11/12, Tue 11/19

Note: due to this year’s Jewish High Holy Days, films will play on different weekdays. Dates are subject to change.

Did you attend our Israeli Film Festival in March? Attendance has grown and it’s become part of our cultural landscape. To avoid asking you twice a year, please consider adding your support to the Israeli Film Festival, in addition to the Jewish Film Festival. You will receive special benefits, including advertising and tickets to our younger film festival, now going into its 5th year.

2018 saw yet another increase in film costs. Since ticket sales cover only 30% of our overall expenses, we need your help! Show the Sonoma County Jewish Community that you care, and invest in what you care about.

Benefits of sponsorship:

  • Season tickets to all the films at the festival.
  • Your or your company’s name on the sponsor list in the Film Festival program, and in the theater lobby.
  • Your Ad or your Name and Personal Message on the screen at all films.
  • Invitations to all special event.
  • Reserved or VIP seating with your name on the seat.

Higher levels of sponsorship also receive:

  • A personalized special ad on the screen at all films thanking you from the JCC.
  • Your logo with a live link on JCC film festival webpage, and in print ads where applicable.
  • Underwrite your choice of film. Your name will be identified with your film.

The film festival’s program book is a beautiful publication, and widely distributed to all festival-goers.


Here are the ad sizes and all the sponsor benefits for each sponsorship level.


Screen ads for eligible sponsors - 1920X1080 pixels, text not in the outer 10%. Format - jpg, png, psd.  



In addition to your Jewish Film Festival sponsorship, we at the JCC Sonoma County would like to invite you to sponsor the Spring Israeli Film Festival, and to have your ad run on the screen in the spring pre-show, and receive 2 season passes to all the films at the Spring Festival.

And maybe the most import perk – you will get to invest in this cause that is hopefully as important to you as it is to us, and bring culture to the entire community, and watch quality Jewish and Israeli films from around the world right here in Sonoma County.

If you do decide to sponsor the festival, download our response form by clicking here, fill it out, and send to us. If you prefer, you can call the office to give your credit card number over the phone. (707) 526-5538 or (707)528-4222

This is what the form  looks like:


Thank you for supporting your local community! See you at the movies!